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Monday, March 30, 2020
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General Oil Seeds

Oil Coming Out From Seeds

This images shows how the oil comes out of the hand operated oil expeller.
Different kinds of seeds.
Images of General Oil Seeds
Groundnut Seeds Jatropha Seeds Karanj(Pongamia) Mustard Seeds
Lin seed (Flax Seed) Palm Nut Saff Flower Seeds
Soya been Sunflower Seeds Til (Seasame) Tung Seeds
Almond Coconut Walnut
Oil Extracted From Hand Operated Oil Expeller
Below are the images of different kinds of Oil which can be extracted from hand operated oil expeller.
1)  Sunflower Oil 1)  Coconut Oil 1)  Walnut Oil
2)  Linseed Oil 2)  Mustard Oil 2)  Almond Oil
3)  Kardi Oil (Saff Flower oil) 3)  Jatropha Oil 3)  Soya been Oil
4)  Groundnut Oil 4)  Karanj Oil(Pongamia Oil) 4)  Tung seed Oil

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