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Monday, March 30, 2020
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We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of precision and agro engineering products such as Mini Oil Mill Plants, Decorticators, Pulverizers, Wood Chippers, Pellets Making Machines, Briquette Making Machines, Multi-crop Threshers, Chaff Cutters and other allied agro machineries.

One of our innovative products, the “Hand Operated Oil Expeller” is a very handy and useful machine for extracting oil by crushing action, from a variety of edible and non-edible seeds. The most advantageous feature of this machine is that it can provide you with pure oil within a few minutes at your home itself. It requires less storage space as well as less operational space. Being manually operated, it requires negligible maintenance cost except some greasing. Post-operation the machine is very easy to clean and can be comfortably washed with water as it is powder coated and made of MS Iron. The packed weight of the “Hand Operated Oil Expeller” approximately 5 Kg. Thus, it is easy to carry and can be sent anywhere in the world.

Weight5 Kgs
Dimension (L x B x H)13" x 10" x 7" (Inches)
Operation ModeManual
MetalMS Iron
Crushing Capacity1-2 kgs/hr
(International Clients)
155 USD
(Including Delivery Charges)
(Domestic Clients)
4,500 INR
(Including Delivery Charges)

One of our products, “Hand Operated Oil Expeller” has already created its “OWN NICHE” in the domestic market as well as in the international market, since last 5 years. Treading on our tradition of creating innovative range of products and looking at the fast paced lifestyle of today’s individuals, we have launched a unique product known as the “Kitchen Model Oil Expeller”.

The Rajkumar “Kitchen Model Oil Expeller” is a household luxury which allows one to extract pure oil without much physical efforts. This machine works on a purely new mechanical technology without the involvement of any chemicals or solvents. You may be aware that finding pure and healthy oil in today’s market is a very painstaking and complex task. But, by using the Rajkumar “Kitchen Model Oil Expeller” one can easily get pure and fresh oil and also an amazing choice to lead a healthy life “Like a Real RAJKUMAR”.

Dimension (L x B x H)380mm x 180mm x 170mm
Unpacked Weight11 Kgs
Speed Of Rotation50 RPM
Voltage220 V
Power180 watt
Output Capacity1.5 - 2 kgs/hr
(International Clients)
550 USD
(Including Delivery Charges)
(Domestic Clients)
17,500 INR
(Including Taxes & Delivery)

P.S. Delivery would be by Indian post only. User’s Manual would be sent along with the Machine. For More information you are most welcome to contact us on rajkumarmachines@gmail.com.

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